Creed II

Looking for entertainment? Unsurprisingly you’ll find it in CREED II, and therein lies the problem: unsurprisingly.  Because when you’re making ROCKY XXVII—oops, I mean the latest CREED (brooding Michael B. Jordan)—you need to give the audience a new twist, as the first Creed did so refreshingly. Instead, the formula proceeds predictably from boxing triumph to boxing challenge, aging trainer wisdom and remorse (Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky now relegated to that role, but reprising the same mumble-shtick), worried women (girlfriend Tessa Thompson and mom Phylicia Rashad), and most painfully (literally and figuratively) the training montage, full of slow-mo struggle and booming music. At no point is there any question where it’s all going, or what stations of the cross it will hit along the way. Even the story is resurrected (Dolph Lundgren gets dredged from the tomb as the Russian boxer who killed Creed’s dad in the ring, returning with Florian ‘Big Nasty’ Munteanu as his ass-whooping son); your adrenaline may flow as the zombie plot shuffles your way, but it’s never going to sprint to new heights. Enjoy it for what it is, particularly (in Jordan and Munteanu) the ample manflesh. —YSM

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