Halloween (2018)

In an era of nonstop pop culture recycling (Mission: Impossible, Lost in Space, Will & Grace, Dynasty, Charmed, Murphy Brown, Roseanne…), John Carpenter’s classic 1978 flick that launched the entire slasher genre had rested in peace for years—after several mostly misbegotten sequels—until now. This new HALLOWEEN isn’t a remake, but rather a sequel that wipes away the others to reboot to factory settings: 40 years have passed for original survivor Laurie (a well-aged Jamie Lee Curtis) and for us, but although now a grandmother, she’s still not over the trauma of her encounter with “Bogeyman” Michael Meyers. Similarly, the film still mines the tropes of teen angst and merciless, mechanical murder, of bodies that won’t stay down and that music that won’t give up. And unlike most of today’s recycling, this HALLOWEEN works well enough on the same terms as its predecessor for a suspenseful, bloody result. —YSM

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