IT turns out horror doesn’t require recognizable stars; IT only needs a Stephen King classic that mines our primal fears—principally what might infest the depths of our sewers, ringmastered by the mother of all killer clowns (a terrific Bill Skarsgard)—and a director (Andy Muschietti) with a talent for zeroing in on all that creepiness. Add a mostly likable cast of youngsters (helmed by Sophia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher) to band together against the evil, and IT transcends a somewhat episodic beginning to reach a scream-out-loud, satisfying climax…with perhaps more horror to come from this filmmaking team. —YSM

3 responses to “It”

  1. Zealous McNopants. says:

    I enjoyed IT. Liked it better than Dark Tower, which I also enjoyed. And, yeah, the sequel is already greenlit. I think the studio announced that on the opening weekend.

  2. CF Cooper says:

    Yeah, a sequel was clearly planned from the getgo. And with the boffo box office, it’s a certainty.

  3. manny lopez says:

    I do not understand why no one mentions that “it” is “stand by me”, only with a clown instead of keifer Sutherland. Stephen king steals from himself.

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