It Comes at Night

In a plague-ravaged world, survivors may have as much to fear from each other as from the plague itself. This setup, familiar to any fan of TV’s The Walking Dead, gets a stylish, taut, and grimly illuminated treatment in IT COMES AT NIGHT. Sadly, for all that style, the movie proves as mis-messaged as its title. (There is no “it” nor any other supernatural element, by day or night.) Teenaged Travis (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) and his mom and dad (Carmen Ejogo and Joel Edgerton) are hiding in rural isolation when they cross paths with Will (Christopher Abbott), Kim (Riley Keogh), and their young son; but by the time that meeting plays out, you may be no wiser as to what writer-director Trey Edward Shults was trying to say. At least he said it with panache. —YSM

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