ROCKETMAN, the biopic of the early life of Elton John, parallels the other recent movie of the career of a legendary gay rock star, the Freddie Mercury ode Bohemian Rhapsody: Talented British Boy dreams of breaking out; Boy briefly goes through the heterosexual motions; Boy makes the most of his big break; Boy is seduced by sudden fame, fortune, and an exploitative boytoy; Boy hits rock bottom of a drug-fueled downward spiral; Boy makes a triumphal comeback. Even the best thing about the films—the standout performance of the lead (in this case, Taron Egerton, lamentably but appropriately letting his chiseled body soften into dough)—remains the same. But ROCKETMAN seems a bit less squeamish about gay sex, and a lot more willing to explore the demons (Elton’s dad), angels (his longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin, played by a winning Jamie Bell), and unintentionally cancerous growths (his mom, in Bryce Dallas Howard’s most interesting role to date) who shaped the journey. The other difference lies in ROCKETMAN’s indulgence in flights of fantasy, seamlessly woven into the film to fashion a movie-going garment as flashy as any Elton might wear. Those who are already fans in particular will enjoy trying it on.  —YSM

2 responses to “Rocketman”

  1. muriel says:

    So, should I go and see it?

    • CF Cooper says:

      If you’re an Elton John fan, definitely! If you’re not, it depends on what you think of biopics; they all seem to follow the same basic pattern, esp. for singers.

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