Another day, another superhero movie. An antihero, actually: VENOM (a CGI of slobbering black ooze) is a murderous alien symbiote fused with reporter Eddie Brock (the fine-looking Tom Hardy, whose twitchy performance is not at its finest). So Eddie has to rein him in while fighting for truth, justice, and the all-American girl (Michelle Williams, completely wasted in the role). In short, nothing new here, except for occasional amusement provided by the banter between Eddie and the thing he plays host to. This screen adaptation of the Marvel Comic, as part of the Spider-Man universe, by various Hollywood accords falls outside the main Marvel cinematic universe (Avengers et al.), for those keeping score, which may explain its competent mediocrity. Or maybe we’re just tired of it all. One postscript, and then a too-long excerpt from the upcoming Spider-Men animated feature at the very end. —YSM

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