Stylish crime dramas are hard to come by, so WIDOWS should be exalted on that score alone. Yes, director Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) wallows in artsy setup for too long, then rushes the climactic big heist; and on rare occasion the high style undercuts the substance of the story, about 4 women abruptly bound together by bereavement when their professional thief husbands die on a job. But as the aftermath forces the women to take desperate measures, they are propelled by the power of Viola Davis in the lead, ably supported by Elizabeth Debicki, in navigating the twists and turns that await them in a duplicitous political/criminal landscape populated by Liam Neeson, reluctant golden boy Colin Farrell, bullying Robert Duvall, frightful mom Jacki Weaver, and a terrifying Daniel Kaluuya. Which makes WIDOWS’ shortcomings easier to overlook. —YSM

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