Wish Upon

Stepping behind the scythe the Final Destination series left behind, WISH UPON gets right down to bloody business, wasting not a millisecond on niceties like character development or carefully crafted, evocative visuals; this is a pure pastiche of horror movie tropes. But WISH UPON mines them with such gleeful shamelessness that it achieves the level of mind-numbing stupidfun: It’s never a question of whether someone will die, but which one, and how, with the telegraphed answers teased out for maximum squirm-in-your-seat effect. Plus the heroine (Joey King), a high-school misfit who finds a cursed wishing box and uses it to predictably toxic results, eventually becomes so idiotic and annoying that you root for her next calamity. Best seen surrounded by a vocal audience, though few of them will be able to ID the once-young heartthrobs of yesteryear (Ryan Phillippe, Sherilyn Fenn, Elisabeth Rohm, Jerry O’Connell) aged into parental guardian roles. One minor end-credit postscript. —YSM

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